DB2LOOK (Should be a regular habit)

Its always good that we take a copy of the db2look(often called as the the skeleton of the db) of the respective database regularly as a foresight of the disaster crash recovery .
So Why don't we make it a regular process , I mean write a script and schedule with the crontab utility which will make your job easy
Here is the script 

# What does this script do
1. Execute db2look
2. Tar the file
3. Copy to remote server
4. Remove old Files

Start Your Day With DIAGLOG

db2 diaglog error log tips and tricks
Well to start this DB2DIAG , it’s the place where all the DBA’s look for finding anything wrong or where it went wrong . So all the error’s , warning during the db operations are stored in this places .
Its a DBM CFG parameter and its /instance .
So a single instance will have a single DB2DIAGLOG file .
The default path would be