Browsers and Me

If there's anything inevitable in our daily life's, that is Browser.

Choosing a right browser for the kind of work we do is a real important deal.

What the options we have with us

  1. Internet explorer
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Google chrome
  4. Mozilla Firefox
  5. Opera

Internet Explorer

IE is still we cannot completely get rid off, at least in our office space. Most of the organisations still only support IE for whatever the reason, mostly because the SharePoint quite shows up well and the Enterprise ready mode plug and play feature.

Its been a while I picked IE on my personal machine since Windows 10 jumped in. If anything I still miss not using IE is OneNote clipper, its so well integrated with IE where the Edge lacks the core of Microsoft's own product.

Microsoft Edge

With Windows 10 Microsoft tried to redefine their browser along with many of their core products and brought in Edge browser.

Its good, spacious menu options, integration with Cortana etc. However it still does not fit in to be your primary browser. Edge still has long way to go.

May be the add-ons coming up with the Anniversary update would catch up the race with the peers.

Google Chrome

Google just redefined what we believed to be a browser was, 1 billion of us use it!

Simple UI and the extensions make it a stand out piece of the club.

I certainly use Chrome with some set of extensions which makes brings you a step close to computing. Lets see some which I get benefit from

  1. Tweet deck – Its a Twitter pro
  2. Google Keep – Make some quick bullets, to-do's, notes – keep is the best
  3. Evernote – Clip what you are reading for later use, best in its class.
  4. Google Dictionary – One click stop for your dictionary needs.
  5. Buffer – Social sharing.
  6. Adblock Plus – Lets get rid of annoying ads.


Chrome sucks your CPU

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is still the pick for most of the Web developers, backed by the best guys by Non-profit policy.


Opera is never a top runner but it has got a solid fan base which makes it still lovable. Recent additions like Native Ad-blocking and Video pop out features are really cool ! 

Native Ad-blocking loads the pages much faster and feels light, I'm using it from couple of days, yes it is. Give it a try ...

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