3 key Areas never to miss in InformationCenter .

People Wonder a new version of db2 is released , what are the new features , how will i know these features ?

Now say the documentation or Information center for the product have been released , So where to look first in that documentation to know the new features .

3 sections to look-in first :

Product overviews

This section covers every minute aspect of the updated db2 Version , deprecated table functions , utilities ,what new functionalities have been added , what not , everything , You will be always doing good to your job if you spend a sufficient time in reading this section

Please go through the link mentioned above to go through the new features

Adopting new Version 9.7 functionality in upgraded databases

This section is a must for every DBA to see for , You will be answered with your immediate questions straight away

Some of the functionalities this section include
  • AUTOMATIC STORAGE improvisations
  • ACCESS PLAN improvisations
  • RUNSTATS utility changelogs

Adopting new DB2 Version 9.7 functionality in database applications and routines

This is for db developers , DBA should be responsible to go through this section and guide the developers in adopting the new functionalities

Some of the functionalities this section include
  • Use optimization guidelines
  • Enable statement concentrator
  • increase concurrency for the cursor stability

So make sure they go through the changelogs of the db2 product , before committing any upgrades , fixpacks or migrations .

Now the publib documentation resources are being shifted to knowlegdecenter

Now the knowlegdecentre is going through beta , you can click the link below to have a look


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